Daniel Kilov has been described as one of “the nation’s, finest thinkers and communicators” 1. He was a speaker at the 2011 Australian Mensa Conference and was the opening speaker at the TEDxMacquarie and TEDxCanberra conferences in 2012. In 2014 he spoke at TEDxManly and the Mind and Its Potential conference.

In addition, Daniel has delivered engaging and thought-provoking training sessions to some of Australia’s most successful companies.

Inquiries regarding speaking engagements should be made to Daniel.Kilov@gmail.com


“TEDxCanberra chose Daniel to open our 2012 event – our biggest yet – in front of 600 inquisitive minds. We believe Daniel’s unique skills as a memory athlete, and his ability to communicate those skills to an audience that could then use them to better remember their TEDxCanberra experience, made for a “memorable” day; one that our entire audience really connected with.”

– Stephen Collins (Director of TEDxCanberra)

“When I was first told about Daniel’s memory techniques, like many others I was sceptical. Then, he showed the whole room how the right technique could unlock the power of the mind by reciting a list of 90 digits from memory and telling a narrative that helped everyone in the audience instantly remember lists we could only dream of remembering before that time. From that moment onwards, I have lived in awe of the ability of this well mannered and humble yet truly amazing young man.”

– Dr. Kevin Lim (Pharmaceutical Physician, Senior Medical Manager, AstraZeneca Australia)

“Forget what you think you know and know that what you’re thinking, can never be forgotten; Daniel produces real outcomes by teaching memory strategies that can be applied to all areas of my business & personal life”

– Christian Bell (MediMark International)

“Daniel delivered an impressive and memorable lecture to his captivated audience. This is unsurprising given his knowledge and impressive skills in memory techniques. His speech was informative and highly entertaining; managing to provoke laughs whilst talking about such a complex and interesting subject. I’m eager to attend the next lecture Daniel hosts.”

– Thom Hextall (Audience member at the 2011 Australian Mensa Conference)

“Daniel is a knowledgeable and entertaining presenter. His talk on ‘The Art of Memory’ offered our conference delegates an insight into how to improve memory as well as giving them practical tips to take away. We all enjoyed learning some Spanish vocabulary in a just few minutes using one of Daniel’s techniques.”

Beth Phelan (Conference Director, Mind & Its Potential 2013)

“Daniel gave us a presentation at our Neuroleadership Interest Group held at Google on the Neuroscience of Memory. Daniel is a great presenter that gave us practical exercises and explained complicated things in really easy to understand ways. We enjoyed the session and many commented how useful it was. I am still certainly using the techniques regularly as a trainer to remember 15-20 names within 5-10 mins while listening to their introductions. I teach my participants and we test that by lunchtime everyone can remember everyone’s name and this feels great for us all.”

– Kristen Hansen (Founder of EnHansen Performance and leader of the Neuroleadership Interest Group in Sydney)

“The Sunday Assembly takes traditions from organised religion (like congregating on Sundays, singing together, hearing from great orators) and updates them for a modern, values-based community group – now with over 800 members. Our speakers range from psychologists, to poets, to philanthropists and political reporters. Daniel was an amazing addition to the list. He drew us in with his personal journey as a mental athlete, impressed us with his abilities and enlightened us with tips and tricks to improve our own memories. Even months later our members commend his talk. Highly recommend him to all.”
– Richie Merzian (Chair and host of the Sunday Assembly Canberra)
“I recently attended a workshop, held over three days, in Darwin, Northern Territory, at which Daniel Kilov taught memory techniques to a small group of teachers. The workshop was organised by Greg Wills, Educational Occupational Therapist, with the purpose of exploring the exciting possibilities that memory techniques could bring to education. Daniel’s astounding success as a memory athlete, combined with his passion to re-introduce these techniques to the classroom after a 400-year absence, made him the perfect choice to present the workshop. We were so impressed by Daniel’s depth of knowledge, his eloquence in explaining the techniques, and the simple, fun exercises he used to demonstrate their practical application. He is an affable, approachable and entertaining speaker and his enthusiasm is contagious! It really is amazing to think that anyone can do this, regardless of their age, educational background or cognitive ability.  In a world-first, the attending teachers are now making plans to trial the techniques in the classroom and gather data on improved learning outcomes for students. Thanks so much, Daniel – I am very excited about how I can apply this new knowledge to my own learning and future projects!”
– Lisa Sampson (PhD)

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